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We all think of traveling to Brazil at some point in our lives. You may have seen the beautiful Rio de Janeiro and the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, Ipanema beach, and the diverse culture of the festive residents of the city. Visiting Brazil comes with the beautiful enjoyment of experiencing the rich culture and tradition the indigenous Indians, Africans, and Portuguese have put together to form the modern Brazilian way of life.

It is said to be THE most expensive place in South America to travel to. Truly from experience, it is worth it. I will show you how to travel to Brazil on a tight budget and enjoy all the fine tourist experiences available to all. Using my 8 days plan, you’ll be cruising the fine beaches in Brazil in no time!

Planning an 8-day Trip to Brazil.

  1. Get yourself enlightened: Watch a couple of YouTube videos to understand the culture and people you’ll be spending these days with. Brazil has a very rich culture and you’ll learn so much when you spend some of these days out interacting with people and visiting historical places.


  2. Choose the time you’d like to visit Brazil: November to March are the warmest and driest season – filled with lots of sunshine and festivals. The yearly carnivals take place between February and March, depending on when the beginning of Lent falls into. The most famous celebrations in Brazil take place in Rio. Here, visitors crowd to see the colorful samba parades and join the lively street parties.

    Click here to find out more about Brazil’s Best Carnivals | 10 Top Places in Brazil to Celebrate Carnival!


  3. Decide on a Budget: You need to have a huge focus on the things that matter to you like the type of hotel or Airbnb, means of transportation in the city, flights, feeding and shopping expenses, etc. To help with travel plans, I use a site for my budget expenses.

    Check out this amazing site Travel Costs from Around the World


  4. Check on traveling requirements: Check on the required travel documents like visas, passports, COVID-19 vaccine requirements, etc Make sure you understand the covid restriction for each transit. It is very important to know if there are quarantines involved during entry or exist in Brazil.

    Find out more Entry and Exit Requirements for Travel to Brazil:


  5. Sort affordable Flight costs: Make sure you keep in mind that flight prices fluctuate depending on the time of year you decide to go. But I’ll show you where to find the most affordable flight prices. Check out these affordable flight sites on this page. You want to find prices that match up with your budget. Remember flight expenses are not your only expense on this trip. so you need to take all that into consideration.

    List Of Sites That Provide Great Traveling Deals!


  6. Sort affordable Hotel costs: Now your best bet will always be Airbnb. But there are some locations where Airbnb might not be a great option for you. You may want to go for budget-friendly hotels. Bear in mind, that the hotel room or accommodation is not the trip itself. It is just a resting place for you when you get back from exploring. I usually look for something comfortable as I don’t spend much of my time in the room. I try to spend more money on things to do in a place I’m visiting rather than hotel rooms and rest places.

    List of affordable hotels and resorts in Brazil

  7. Plan your to-do activities: There are a million and one things to do in Brazil, trust me! So try not to get overwhelmed. I’ve always planned my activities when I’m going to a new place. I do this all the time…! and it helps me a lot when I’m packing for the trip. If you know you’ll be going to a beach and spending a lot of time out in the sea, this would help you know the type of clothing and wear to pack.


  8. Feeding: What are we without food? Going to a new place without trying out the local cuisine is like taking a trip to a fancy restaurant and eating nothing. You can have some days where you eat at the restaurants inside the hotel, but if you really want to save some money, my best bet would be to eat in the local restaurants. Also, try to stay away from provisions provided by the hotel on extra charge; like water, snacks, dining, etc. There’s always a restaurant or food block somewhere down the next block. And honestly, these local street foods are oftentimes, even more, tastier than most expensive cuisines.

    Check out How to Eat Cheap in Brazil

    Whatever the case is with you, remember. Even though Brazil is one of the most expensive countries in South America, It doesn’t limit the fact that you and I can still visit and have a wonderful adventure! It’s a beautiful place to explore; especially big cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

    Now let’s get down to the business of the day! And that’s why you are here. To save money when visiting Brazil.


    North America to Brazil → $500 – $680

    South America to Brazil → $94 – $150

    Central America to Brazil →$354 – $450

    Africa to Brazil → $1,064 – $1500

    Europe to Brazil → $760 – $850

    Asia to Brazil → $2,200 – $2,500

    Australia → $1,500 – $1,800

    Now bear in mind, these prices fluctuate depending on the time of the year you decide to travel but this is just an estimate of what the base price is or could be. So for me, it’s a flight from North America and I will be going before summer, that way I’m not paying the full summer price.

    My Flight cost $674 through Expedia


    If you are anything like me, I shop for my hotel room right before I look at my plane ticket. If I find nice rooms that are very affordable, that leaves me with the knowledge of how much I can then budget for my flight. You may prefer to make use of Airbnb for your accommodation needs. But if you’re curious like me and would like to explore other options as well for affordable resorts and hotels, check out this previous post where I highlighted the Lists Of Affordable Hotels & Resorts In Brazil.

    There are so many hotels and resorts to explore on the Expedia site. Based on my findings, I really wish I could spend at least a day or two in each one of these beautiful places but any who… a girl’s got to watch her pocket, lol! Honestly, having my stay at the Windsor Oceanico, the Windsor Marapendi, or the Miramar Hotel by Windsor would make my trip even more amazing as I would love to stay close to the ocean and watch the Brazilian sunrise when I wake up every morning. But I have a budget and they are a little out of it. I’m going with a really nice hotel within my budget; the Saionara Hotel through Expedia

    1 room x $62 average per night

    8 nights $498

    Taxes and fees $25

    Total $523

Now I have my flight and hotel expenses out of the way. I have sorted out how to get there and where to stay when I get there, which brings my total to

$523 (hotel) + $674 (flight) = $1,197

Now It’s time to move to the next matter at hand ➡️Means of transportation.

Means of Transportation: The closest train station and bus station close to the hotel is a mere 3-7mins walk. But I would rather rent a car instead. Spending 8 days in Brazil is not enough time for all the sightseeing there is to be seen and I don’t want to waste any bit of time waiting at the station to catch a bus or a train.

I’m using Expedia for my car rental. It will cost me about $27 a day. And $216 for 8 days. This is fairly cheap for me as I love the freedom I’m getting from being able to drive around town when I want to.

$523 (Hotel) + $674 (Flight) = $1,197 + $216 (Car Rental)

Total = $1413

Phew…! There we go! Yay!

Now let’s talk about feeding. I’ll be traveling with a couple of snacks to keep me going, in between breakfast and lunchtime. I’m not packing too many as I’m leaving enough room for all my Brazil souvenirs on my way back. But I have just about enough and if I run out, I’ll drive to the grocery store in Rio and pick up more.

Also, I’ll be checking out some nearby restaurants and street-food places too. I’m told Brazil has the most delicious street food in South America. From the barbecue meats to the moqueca…on to the local shops and signature drinks to be enjoyed… Well, I’m ready to find out! I budgeted to spend about $15 a day on feeding.

$15 X 8days = $120

Now with

$523 (Hotel) + $674 (Flight) = $1,197 + $216 (Car Rental) + $120 (Feeding)

Total = $1533

We can safely say that

Hotel ✅

Flight ✅

Car rental ✅

Feeding ✅



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Next, I wrote down the list of all the places I wanted to see on this trip. I wrote out locations and costs for each place. Here’s my list, should you decide to visit any time soon.

9 Places to see in Brazil

So my total cost to visit Brazil and have an amazing yet affordable time is $1533 (flight/Hotel/Car rental/feeding)

Plus a little change for sightseeing, shopping, and souvenirs.

I hope this helps you as you plan yours in good faith lol. Trust me, I know I’ll have a wonderful time in Rio! I’ll be back to post pictures and updates on my trip. Let me know what your experience was. I would really love to hear from you…❤️

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