Top 10 Train Vacations On My List

by Mmeri

Luxury train vacations offer a unique and opulent way to explore beautiful landscapes and cultures. Here are 10 amazing train journeys I can’t wait to go.

  1. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Europe): Embark on a journey reminiscent of the golden age of travel, traveling between Venice, Paris, and London in classic luxury.
  2. The Royal Scotsman (Scotland): Traverse the Scottish Highlands aboard this exclusive, beautifully appointed train, taking in breathtaking landscapes.
  3. Rocky Mountaineer (Canada): Explore the stunning Canadian Rockies in style, with glass-domed carriages and gourmet dining.
  4. The Maharajas’ Express (India): Experience the grandeur of India’s heritage with this luxurious train journey through iconic destinations.
  5. Rovos Rail (South Africa): This elegant train takes you on a journey through the African bush, combining safari experiences with refined accommodations.
  6. The Ghan (Australia): Cross the Australian Outback in comfort and style, witnessing the vast, unique landscapes of the continent.
  7. Belmond Andean Explorer (Peru): Travel through the Andes in this South American luxury train, offering panoramic views of the high-altitude scenery.
  8. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express (Russia): Traverse Russia’s vast landscapes from Moscow to Vladivostok, experiencing the country’s diversity and beauty.
  9. The Blue Train (South Africa): Journey through South Africa in elegance, connecting Pretoria and Cape Town, offering lavish accommodations and gourmet dining.
  10. The Eastern & Oriental Express (Southeast Asia): Explore Southeast Asia on this luxurious train, connecting Bangkok to Singapore, passing through tropical landscapes

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