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“ You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.”

— Icelandic Proverb.

Hi, welcome to Mmeri Travels. Let me tell you a small story about a little girl who wanted to see the world so much that she would do anything. Many years ago when she was five, she sat in a corner away from her friends playing out in the garden. She was curious about the earth. Where did the wind come from? Do the sun and moon have a house? How big is an ocean? Does the mountain ever get tired of standing? How does the little ‘sky-shark’ fly up there with all her babies in her belly without falling to the ground? She was curious. Very curious. She wanted to know it all.


 One day as she sat down doing her homework, she heard the sound of the ‘sky-shark’ up up in the air. The ‘sky-shark’ always flies by when she’s doing her homework. She had spent the night before, thinking about the ‘sky-shark’ and where she was taking her babies to. She was a curious little girl. She watched as the ‘sky-shark’ flew by.

Ms. Florence had told her class earlier today, that doing well in school would make you a better person in life and she wanted to be a better person in life. But when she looked down at her paper, she realized she had been drawing the image of the sky-shark instead of doing her homework. Suddenly, she jumped up and raced after the tiny plane high up in the sky screaming, ‘Ofu esi, a’gam aga ije ihu uwa’. (Meaning) …’One day, I will go on a journey to see the world’.

She grew and she started that journey. First came the planes, then the ships, the trains, and the road trips. She never forgets the little girl who made a promise to herself many years ago to see the world. She’s living out her promise. She’s living out her dream. She’s enjoying all that comes with the journey of life.

Even the air here is different!

I created this blog to inspire Travel-lovers across the globe. To help them find their way in the world of travel and keep winning at it. I also wanted to empower travelers by providing insights and behind-the-scene knowledge of the travel world. Providing support from hotels and city  navigations, cruises, cruise tours, road travels, and some of the best rail travels and on going sales available you can ever imagine.

I’m just a simple soul who loves adventure and all the journeys of life. Having fun doing so inspires me even more. Believe me when I say this…Nothing beats coming off a boat, a ship, an aircraft, train, or alighting from a bus in a new place…different culture, environment, and atmosphere. Even the air is different! I remember my first trip to Miami a few years ago. It was my first time on south beach and I can remember saying to no one in particular as I sat by the pool sipping on my Pina Colada …” Ah, this is nice…even the air here is different.”

As Mary Anne Radmacher said, “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world” Waking up to different sunrise ignites something in you, you never knew was there. it’s a type of joy that’s rare to find.

Show me a Traveler. I’ll show you a storyteller. – Mmeri Travels.


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I fell in love with traveling when I was 5. I would watch the planes fly high above way out of my reach and I would say "Mama, look.. a plane!" and would run after it with my little friends pretending we knew where the plane was going. When I turned 8 I promised I would become a flight attendant someday and travel the world like I wanted.

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